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This site is part of an online course, but it will share thoughts, poetry, and short stories:)

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Getting along with online work:)

I would like to share with you my experience and updates on social network. Social media networks vary from twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn, but they share one thing in common: we cannot live without them, and sometime we just get addicted to some of them.I do have accounts on all of them, but my favorite is twitter, because I am so interested in the historical news and updates that are shaping new history in our region. My other two social media accounts are not very active, although I use my Facebook account to talk to my old friends and teachers, or when I want to search for a dear friend from the past. I also have an account on Instagram, and I use it very frequently to write poetry, and sometime I post some stories. Continue reading “Getting along with online work:)”

My Thesis on Hijab

Hijab has always had many different meanings associated with social, political and cultural changes. During the Iranian revolution, Hijab was used as an important political toll to represent the new character of Iran after the Pahlavi dictatorship. Hijab is often exclusively related to Islam although its existence is very ancient. The practice of veiling is as ancient as the Roman Empire where the free women had to veil themselves when walking out in public places. However, it is frequently discussed outside the borders of Islam, and it is presented from either a Western or an extreme feminist perspective. This resulted in a huge misunderstanding of Hijab, and it brought much damage and distortion that veiled the original image of Hijab as it is originally in Islam, and it ignored all the other meaning that Hijab connotes with in terms of culture, politics and regional differences. The topic of Hijab will be discussed from an Islamic context, in addition to interviews with girls of ages between 8-12, from two different cultures. One group represents the diaspora of the United States, represented by girls from Dearborn, Michigan. The Middle East Muslim culture is represented by girls from Bahrain. The goal of this paper is to provide a counterpoint to the accusations made against Hijab. It is an attempt to initiate a new approach when discussing Hijab as it originally means in current and previous Islamic cultures, from the perspective of girls who willingly chose to practice Hijab – even though they had the choice not to do so. It is also constructs a new methodology of perceiving many alternative meanings for Hijab, rather then reduce it to a simply Islamic garment


This was my abstract for my MA degree. If you are interested in reading the whole thesis, please see the link:


Why a Blog?

Joining the Cyber World


I am using social media since around six years, but it is my first experience to begin a blog. Although I am more attached to books and papers, I would like to be a distinctive voice in a world that has turned into a huge interconnected web. The blog begins as part of my online course, 23 Things for Research program; however, I hope it continues to be a means of academic collaboration and a medium of making a difference with small words.

Blogging is not only a means of expression, but it is also a means of exchange of knowledge, culture, and experience. It will definitely enrich and develop any discussion whether academic, scientific, economic, or  intellectual. I have high expectations regarding discussion and dialogue, and I hope to maintain a unique inspirational impact.

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